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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is to allow us to remain transparent about what is being collected upon the visiting of our site.

The policy applies to both the OneTrickPonyRacing website and any social pages attached to it e.g. @onetrickracing.

Please read this document carefully.

Who Are We?


We have the intention to bring high quality journalism to our readers along with compelling mostly-self-taken images. In the event that we use images from another site, we will follow the rules of copyright in doing so.

The Collection of Information?


Firstly, our data is taken by the Google Analytics API. We only desire to use this to improve our journalism and the traffic into the website. No sensitive personal data is collected via this site. In the event it is, all data will be kept for personal use by the company and confidential.

We may carefully use the information for:

This is not an exhaustive list.

We will never share your personal data.

Only those developing One Trick Pony will have access to any data.

We will keep data for the maximum term allowed by the GDPR. This will allow us to analyze the use of the site and provide higher quality content.

Linking to Other Sites/Other Content


When linking to third party content, this does not automatically become an endorsement. The content within the link does not represent One Trick Pony Racing.

How to Contact Us?


Use the form located on the contact us page. Alternatively, you can tweet us and we will usually reply within a week. Our approval via this method is the only way to avoid copyright infringement.



We do not promote gambling. We promote the sport. Someone watching the football isn't automatically betting.